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DSI Poly Evolver Keyboard Dave Smith Instruments - $1700

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  • DSI Poly Evolver Keyboard Dave Smith Instruments - $1700

    DSI Poly Evolver, 4 voice polyphonic 61 key analog hybrid synth. This thing sound phenomenal, I just don't use it enough to warrant the space. This one is in good condition. It is missing one knob, but I believe it's $5 or something to order a replacement, never bothered me, so I just moved it to a function I rarely use and went on. This is the encoder version and some of them are jumpy, but there are tutorials online showing how to clean them or replace them with pots, neither of which are too terribly difficult. The end caps have been painted black as I didn't really think the old school wood feel matched the sound. Once again, if its a problem, I believe replacements can be purchased for under $100 or you could sand it down. Other than that, it looks and sounds amazing, exactly how you would expects Dave Smith's flagship synth to sound. I would really prefer a local NYC area sale, but shipping is a possibility. Pics available upon request. $1700

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    Price drop, $1600 and I will deliver within a reasonable distance of NYC.