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E-mu E4XT Ultra w/ 120gb HD + Miroslav, MOOG, AKAI etc - $399

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  • E-mu E4XT Ultra w/ 120gb HD + Miroslav, MOOG, AKAI etc - $399

    Full spec E-mu E4XT ultra sampler with detachable 120gb USB HD installed new just this year.

    Sample Libraries on the Drive:

    Miroslav Orchestra, Miroslav Solo 1&2, Miroslav Woodwinds, the Garritan Orchestra, all of the original E-mu libraries except #9 and #13, as well as some Vintage synth libraries such as Moog (designed with z-plane filters), organs, rhodes, trons, plus a whole bunch of other stuffs - all ready to play on the USB drive.
    -I am in the process converting many of my Akai libraries into the e-mu via the translator, including the complete spectrasonics library, so you can enjoy more premium sounds (not sure how the quality translates yet though). -see below for selected list-

    HD is a dead-silent SATA drive which draws little power. Simply slide out the portable HD, connect it via USB to your computer, you can manage and backup your E4 banks with ease.

    The cost of the HD upgrade was about $100, plus the samples are a great bonus. E-mu with these upgrades do not go up for sale that often, whereas a plain E4XT can still go for $350+ today. So I hope you can enjoy the sweet sounds in a deal!

    Pics - see sfbay craigslist

    Please contact me via craigslist email.  Thanks

    < Miroslav Vitous & libraries designed for Emu >
    Miroslav Vitous Orchestra String Ensembles V2
    Miroslav Vitous Solo Instruments 1&2
    Miroslav Vitous Orch Woodwind Brass Ensemble V2

    Total Control Moog (with full real-time filter controls)
    Production Set 1 & 2

    < Spectrasonics complete converted from Akai >
    BackBeat 3CD
    Bass Legends 2CD
    Bizarre Guitar 1CD
    Burning Grooves 2CD
    Distorted Reality 1 1CD
    Distorted Reality 2 2CD
    Hans Zimmer Guitars vol.1 1CD
    Hans Zimmer Guitars vol.2 2CD
    Heart of Africa vol.1 2CD
    Heart of Africa vol.2 1CD
    Heart of Asia 3CD
    Liquid Grooves 2CD
    Metamorphosis 3CD
    Retro Funk 2CD
    Supreme Beats 1CD
    Symphony Of Voices 5CD
    Vocal Planet 5CD

    < Others converted from Akai >
    Big Fish Audio - Infinite Sound ambient
    Garritan Orchestra
    Chinese traditional instruments
    Skippy's Big Bad Beats
    Skippy's NoizeBox

    < E-mu 1-17 except 9 & 13) >
    Emulator Standards (Vol. 1 - Emu)
    More Emulator Standards (Vol. 2 - Emu)
    Orchestral (Vol. 3 - Emu)
    Sound Effects (Vol. 4 - Emu)
    World Instruments (Vol. 5 - Emu)
    World Percussion/Ensembles (Vol. 6 - Emu)
    E-mu Classics (Vol. 7 - Emu)
    Vintage (Vol. 8 - Emu)
    Element of Sound (Vol. 10)
    Element of Sound (Vol. 11)

    Plus Much More!!