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VINTAGE TAMA TECHSTAR TS 305 Analog Drum Synth Module


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  • VINTAGE TAMA TECHSTAR TS 305 Analog Drum Synth Module

    Selling a vintage analog drum synth. Tama Techstar TS 305. In great condition and even comes with original face cover sheet.
    Super cool analog drum sounds. Nice bass and snare. Capable of getting some very interesting tones from this. Check out you tube for some sound clips.

    Drop me a line, call, or text if you're interested. $315 shipped

    Thanks for looking.


    Paypal gift or cash in person only. I've got plenty of good feedback on ebay, user id analogfizz . I used to buy and sell(even traded) about 10 years ago here on the classifieds. It's been so long I don't even remember what the id or email was. Lots of gear I'll be unloading here in the next few weeks.  Most of its on my local Craigslist as well. I'm in the Houston,Tx area and have lots of experiance in packing and shipping. If you'd like to see my listings just go to Houston CL( or here as well) musical instruments and type in thethiefandthearchitect and don't forget to check us out on facebook.20130925\_131147.jpg20130925\_131141.jpg



    Simmons Pearl X analogue Roland tr TB Synare synthesizer

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