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  • Schecter C-4 XXX

    I have a Schecter Diamond Series C-4 XXX 4 string bass with active preamp and passive soapbar EMG pick ups. The bass is gloss black with white binding around the body and the neck. Instead of dots for fret markers it has stripper girls in abalone posing in different poses for each fret marker.

    Schecter only made a limted run of these basses and the tone is fantastic. I've played blues, funk, rock and metal with this bass. It has individual volume pots for the pickups and then a 9 volt active eq for bass and treble. Inside the back access you can use the dpdt switches to set the eq sweep for the tone pots.

    This bass gets a lot of looks. It has a few gig scratches on it and a small chip near the rear strap button but its not bad. The neck is straight and everything works like it did when I bought it.

    I hate to sell this but I need transportation more than this bass. I have other basses I can use for now.

    If you want to try this bass out just send me an email back or call 573-344-6525 and you can try it out on my amp at my home. I am located in Poplar Bluff and will be available after 5 on the weekdays.


    I'm in Poplar Bluff Missouri, so if you want it shipped to you anywhere in the US there will be shipping charges added.

    (The Pbass and Jazz Bass and amp are not for sale)

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    I have one of these. It's a great player too. Everyone loves it when I show up with it too


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      Can be seen in this home video:

      http://vids.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=vids.individual&videoid=40154 455


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        Price drop to $300


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          I live In jonesboro and can drive to pick it up if you still have it for sale.


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            Ive worked with Ricky Reagan of CRT Lighting in poplar bluff. It would give me an excuse to visit with him if I came to pick it up.