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  • FT: MIM Fender Precision Bass

    I have a MIM Fender Precision Bass in candy apple red. It has a couple of blemishes here and there, but other than that it's perfectly fine. I'll post some pictures in the next day or two, I just took it to my local guitar shop to have it set up. It will come with a hard shell case and strap.

    I'm wanting to trade this for a Fender Telecaster equivalent in value. I'd prefer a maple neck, but if the right rosewood Telecaster comes along, I may reconsider. If yours is higher in value, I'm willing to pony up some money (Paypal).

    If you have any questions or want to make an offer, please shoot me a PM, email me at directionsincluded AT gmail DOT com, or just reply to the thread. Like I said, I'll have pictures posted as soon as I get the bass back from the shop.

    Thanks for looking!
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