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WTT: MusicMan for Modulus or Dingwall


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  • WTT: MusicMan for Modulus or Dingwall

    This is a long shot but here goes anyway. I have available to me one of three MusicMan basses, a Bongo 4 (red), Stingray 5 (natural), and a Sterling 5 (trans-blue, NOT the Ray34). These basses are NOS - essentially brand new, mint condition, no wear - and come with hard-shell cases w/case candy. They've been in a local store's music room for some time and are waiting to be loved - I'm just trying to help them.

    I am looking to trade for a Modulus Quantum 6 (older no-truss rod model) or an older Dingwall six string (Voodoo, etc.). If you have one of these for sale please contact me anyway and we'll see what we can do.

    Thank you,