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Brand new Warwick Streamer Stage II 5 string for sale!!!


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  • Brand new Warwick Streamer Stage II 5 string for sale!!!

    If you're looking at this ad, you no doubt have an eye/ear for the highest quality in bass instrument production. This is the bass that P-Nut, Dirk Lance, Sam Rivers, and countless others have used on multi-platinum recordings. The sounds and playability are unparalleled by any other bass on the market. This Stage II is brand new with no fret wear, or any other wear. Spending for the holidays has forced me to cut back. I just received it - the bass was a special order. The cheapest you'll find them is at Musician's Friend for $4,079.00: http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Warwick-Streamer-Stage-II-5String-Bass-?sku=519124 I'm even throwing 6 sets of Warwick strings into the mix. 2 of the sets are EMP (coated) for a total string value of $220! Don't spend your hard earned money on one that's been sitting on a wall getting beaten up by players or sitting in a warehouse. This one was crafted in December of 2006 and is immaculate in every sense! $2000 plus shipping takes it!


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    Bump. Re-priced at $2,000 for fast sale.


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      What a beauty! Any chance for a trade at all? I've got a Fender Jazz Deluxe FMT bass. It is in excellent condition and sells new for about $1700. Will you take bass plus $500 USD? I will pay for shipping and Paypal. Here are some pics:

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        It looks like a really nice bass, but at this time I'm not open to trades.


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          I just left you a voicemail because I saw that you were selling this bass on Craig's List. I have been looking for exactly that bass for a long time and that is the best price I have seen for it! I will buy it right away as long as your are being honest that it is in brand new condition. Please contact me. I have the money and I would love to buy that bass from you.
          I left my number on your voicemail but just in case:

          Danny Feinberg
          310 429 6868



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            I also live in santa monica so shipping wont be a problem. I could drive to wherever you are and pick it up at your convinience.


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              Not to bust your bubble, but this ad's a year old...


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                Good deals with: randel 07 , Teh Bacons , sobrandnew2232 , Renfield, pfindeis, dangolguitartec, rocketop777, slappymcfinkles @ www.custompedalboard.com


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                  Hey, how's it going, I'm interested in the bass....!! Do you have a phone number??


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                    I'm Interested....