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FS: Yamaha RBX6JM (John Myung sig.) six string bass - Ruby Red! Infinity inlay!


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  • FS: Yamaha RBX6JM (John Myung sig.) six string bass - Ruby Red! Infinity inlay!

    Yamaha John Myung (of progressive rock band Dream Theater) Discontinued Signature 6-String Bass (Ruby Red):

    - 35" scale!
    - Slim neck profile / natural wood finish on the back for no resistance in shifting like on a glossed neck.
    - 3-band EQ
    - Two humbuckers
    - Gold finish hardware
    - Transparent Ruby Red finish 
    - Ebony Fretboard
    - Classic pearl "Infinity" Inlay
    - Two Truss Rods
    Bass is in good condition.  There is one bigger chip on the back of the lower horn.  This was down to the wood but was touched up with some ruby red nail polish.  Can be sanded down, buffed, and cleaned up to look much better if you desire, but it is not seen from sitting position or viewing position from the front.
    There are two other tiny nicks on the rear edges which were touched up similarly.  These are small!  Aside from that, just the usual surface scuffs and scratches which could probably be buffed out if you were inclined.  I didn't notice any large impressions or pressure dents.  There are scuffs and scratches on the front/back, but nothing extreme (hopefully the pictures show this clear enough!).
    I only used this bass for teaching and studio recording.  I didn't gig with it, etc!
    I will include a protective gig bag and ship in a box of similar size (if I can't find one, I will make one that will be protective, but not bulky as to not add to your shipping cost.
    Shipping prices will be actual cost.  Buyer to pay all shipping costs, and will be responsible for all shipping charges/duty/tax/import costs.  I can give you options, I will ship it whatever method you like, and will insure it for the winning price.  To give you an estimate, ground shipping (taking approximately 9-business days) with UPS will cost approximately $130 to southern US from Canada (may be less depending on location, etc).  I can do accurate shipping quotes once I receive postal codes from interested parties but otherwise it is pretty difficult to give actual shipping cost as it varies greatly depending on your location!!
    Looking to get $775+shipping.  Originally sold for $1399.99.  Kind of difficult to price.  Took it to a couple Yamaha stores but all they could give me was their original retail price since they never got any used ones in to sell!
    Located in southern Alberta, Canada.
    If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me!  I'll be happy to talk price or shipping, or send you additional close up pics.  I will answer questions as promptly as I can!
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    Do you still have this bass for sale? Would you be willing to ship to Finland? These are very hard to find here.
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