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FS/FT: Boss SD-1,Midi Mate,Bass Balls,Duncan Blackouts


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  • FS/FT: Boss SD-1,Midi Mate,Bass Balls,Duncan Blackouts

    I'm looking for a phaser,tremolo or delay pedal as a trade for the Bass Balls or SD1.
    Not really worried about how they look just so they work fine.

    I'd like to get $90 for the Midi Mate w/power supply. I recently reguled the lens and had the power supply re-soldered inside. It hasn't seen too much use so it's time to part with it.

    Blackouts are for sale for $150 + shipping. (pp gift)
    They were installed in a PRS for a little while and are super hot/aggressive. I barely used them and sold the PRS to get my new amp. Time for these to go.

    New song "Winnie Cooper" by Leave Her Crying! Only $0.99!

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    $25 for the SD-1?
    Good deals with: teleblaster, Little_Buster, RomanMtz, dogbone94, dmbluesguy, tocs100, Yo_Squig x2, 7PlaGues, BloodBros, ktrip, van5073, shredtilurded, -Anti-, metal0822, cadillacman, Tarkus697, thelorddread, JSutter