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  • Pedals and other things for sale

    Here's what I have:

    T1M modded Nova Delay--Less than 2 months old, comes with power supply and T1M trs cable to switch between presets, tap tempo, also has external tap output to sync with other delay. Great condish. $200

    Line6 DL4--great pedal, used but never abused. comes with box, but no power supply. SOLD

    Line6 Echo Park--In my opinion, best single stomp digital delay out there. SOLD

    The 3 pedals are on the left of the board. The Nova comes with the switch next to the DL4.

    MXL Studio Mic Set--990 and 991, in case with MXL shock mount. These are great mics, don't let anyone tell you different. They're no Neumann, but for the price, you can't beat them. New Condish. $100

    Alesis iO iPad Dock-- this thing is very cool. Fits any size iPad. just slide it in and use GarageBand, or almost any 3rd party recording app. 2 Presonus style XLR-1/4" inputs, and 2 BALANCED XLR-1/4" studio monitor outs, headphone jack with master volume. Other features too, check it out. New condish, with box and everything. $180

    Photos are on the way.

    So here's the deal: I'm looking for either a straight trade or to sell enough to buy a Timeline. I have more than enough in value to do either.

    If you have a Timeline to trade: Pick what you'd like, and we'll talk. Timelines are currently in stock, new for $449, so we're talking about $425ish in trade if yours is in great condition, unless you have some switchy or something else to put with it.

    If you want to just buy something: I don't need to sell anything, unless I sell enough to buy a Timeline. So, if you want to buy, PM me and I'll hold something for you until I have enough sold to fund the TL. That is, unless you want to buy enough to fund the TL completely.

    We're all in this together. Help me get a Timeline.

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    bump, yall.


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      Another pic bump.


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        Pics for everything bump.


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          Echo Park Sold, bump.


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            DL4 is gone too. somebody grab that Nova!


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              Somebody grab the Nova Delay!


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                  Somebody grab the Nova! I need these gone quick!!


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                    go go go


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                        all sold