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AMT Japanese Girl Wah Zendrive Clone Morley Mini Volume


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  • AMT Japanese Girl Wah Zendrive Clone Morley Mini Volume

    AMT Japanese Girl Wah: Surprisingly solid mini wah pedal. Feels good sitting or standing, loves a dirty tone, and works amazingly well with the band. Not wahing like I used to. Has velcro on the bottom comes with box. $115 shipped/paypal'd CONUS & Canada (new price is actually $139 they add $10 for shipping)

    Mini Volume: Nice pedal and works well, I just find I use my volume knob more. Comes with the box and its set back to factory settings. $65 shipped/PayPal CONUS & Canda

    Zendrive clone: was a trade with a member here on TGP, and I've enjoyed it, but want something else. Don't let the looks fool you it sounds darn good. $95 shipped/paypal'd CONUS & Canada

    Looking for malekko E. Filter and/or empress ParaEQ w/ switchable boost/or Suhr Koko Boost

    Endorsements/Affiliations: Barlow Guitars, Shoe Pedals, Red Bear Picks, Armor Gold Cables-Xitone Cabs