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Pfeiffer Leveler volume controller version 3


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  • Pfeiffer Leveler volume controller version 3

    Up for sale is my pfeiffer leveler. It is the most versatile volume pedal I've seen. This is the third and most current version.

    Features are 2 switches for moving the volume up/down, true bypass switching, a knob on the side to adjust unity volume, and display to tell you what setting youre at.

    Im looking to get 100 obo, only trades Id take are a maxon overdrive or an mxr chorus pedal.

    heres the home page with all the details.

    and heres two videos of the older versions
    Good deals with these fine people

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    I have never even heard of that pedal but because it has my last name on it, I am contemplating buying it just because.
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