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FS/FT: MJM, SKB, Rockman, DOD FX65, older Boss


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  • FS/FT: MJM, SKB, Rockman, DOD FX65, older Boss

    Below is a list of pedals I'm looking to trade or sell my first preference is to sell. 

    Lots of pix are Here

    I return all e-mails, but please be patient. 

    People seem to ask either way but...only shipping to the conus

    # = with box
    + = Like new, good to great condition

    Most have velcro on them, I can pull it or keep it on, no worries.
    Prices are shipped and pp'd.

    For Sale:
    MJM Phantom Overdrive #+ $140 have the feet and paperwork. To call this a Tube Screamer clone is selling this pedal short. Great bass response, not super compressed, extra gain and bass vs. a standard TS if you want the option

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