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Torres Engineering pups loaded Strat pickguard


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  • Torres Engineering pups loaded Strat pickguard


    Torres Blues handwound Stratocaster pickups
    2006 Fender MIM electronics assembly with CTS pots & 5 way switch
    WD Pickguard tortoise shell pickguard

    Reversed wound middle pup for hum canceling in 2 & 4 positions. Bridge pup is wired up to tone 2nd tone control. All pups have tone control. Removed from a Strat I'm parting out, everything is working good & ready to drop in.

    The "Blues" calibrated set is over-wound about 5% more than the very vintage, just enough to get some extra "beef" and punch, with incredible bass response and detailed highs, along with singing midrange and sustain.

    A really great pickup for the blues and rock player, with all the classic strat tone, along with warmth, detail and a very satisfying "fat" tone.

    All pickups are handwound right in our shop in San Mateo. The winding technique is called "scatter wound" or "a-symetrical wound", or any one of several other terms. Each pickup is wound by hand to our exacting specs - our pickup technician insists on making EVERY SINGLE coil, fitting the magnets and top and bottom pieces by hand for a perfect coil every time.

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    For anyone not familiar with Torres, they make great stuff.
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