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FS/FT 2008 Gibson Les Paul Standard Faded


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  • FS/FT 2008 Gibson Les Paul Standard Faded

    Up for sale or trade is a 2008 Gibson Les Paul Standard faded. This guitar has a killer top. One of the best I've seen. believe the top is what Gibson calls it's tobacco finish. It has a satin finish and is chambered. It's amazingly light for a standard as well. The previous owner said somewhere around 6lbs.

    Has a Dimarzio Air Zone pickup in the bridge which is a great match for this guitar. Will come with original Gibson pickup as well. I do not have the pickguard as someone took it off. I prefer it without the guard however so there was no reason to get one.

    I must say this is an extremely resonant sounding guitar. Not sure if that has more to do with the chambering of the guitar or the light finish. Bought this guitar recently but I have my eye on either another PRS or a nice strat.
    Certainly not a tone thing but more a feel thing for me. It honestly sounds as good or better than my PRS custom 22.
    I guess I'm just not much of an LP guy anymore. Comes with original HSC.
    Taking trade offers guitars or amps.
    $1450 Plus ship.

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    Gorgeous, just the color im looking for, pm sent.


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        Trade for a Laney VH100R?


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          Trade for a Laney VH100R?

          Thanks man gonna have to pass on that though. Just not what I'm looking for.
          I just had a little jam session with a friend of mine and I'm having trouble getting rid of this thing. It really is a nice sounding LP.
          It would probably take a nice PRS to pry this thing out of my hands right now.

          As far as amps are concerned, I really like the Top Hat stuff right now.


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            PM sent. BTW I am Teh Localz.
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              ESP George Lynch Straight trade?
              Jackson COW 7 and Signed Marshall Mini Stack straight trade?


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                PM sent.
                Great deals with theleonard & boonestunes.