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2000 Paul Reed Smith PRS Singlecut Single Cut - $1000


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  • 2000 Paul Reed Smith PRS Singlecut Single Cut - $1000

    2000 PRS Singlecut in black with exposed flame maple binding. This is one of the "pre-lawsuit" models and from the first year the guitar was produced. I am the original owner and the original hangtags, tools and whatnot are still in the case. It is in good condition but definitely not mint. It has some dings along the edge as it was played out a lot early on in its life, but nothing crazy. Pics are available. I also had the original tuners switched out for Schallers. To me they look nicer and they hold tune better without a doubt. Other than that, it's all original. The guitar has not been played, setup, or even strung in years (I became a Jazzmaster kinda guy). It's just been sitting in a case in the corner, hence the sale. I would prefer a local NYC area sale, but shipping is available. $1000.

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    Also have a Divided by 13 ERT-33 w/matching cab and anvil road cases for sale


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      Bump, and price drop on the ERT-33 $2750 for head, matching cab with a crazy killer speaker combo, road cases, new NOS tubes. Also willing to deliver any items within a reasonable distance of NYC.


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        Pics of the guitar plz
        New song "Winnie Cooper" by Leave Her Crying! Only $0.99!

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            Any pics?
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              Yeah, pics would be good.


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                All I have currently are crappy iPhone pics. Send me a PM with your email if you'd like to receive them. I am in the process of getting higher quality photos and should have them available by tomorrow evening.