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fs: MIJ Les Paul M'Seeker (Tokai LS-50)


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  • fs: MIJ Les Paul M'Seeker (Tokai LS-50)

    This is a Made in Japan Les paul. Made for a music company in japan thru the Tokai factory.( Fugigen) This is a lower end entry model LS-50 when comparing the specs to the mid 90's LS-50 made by Tokai. i got this info when i purchased this from another message board.

    Features: 2 pc soild maple top

    3 pc possibly 4 pc back

    Regular Gibson style headstock with M'Seeker logo

    GFS crunchy pats paf's ( I'm assuming its GFS)

    ABR-1 stye bridge

    The guitar has a few dings and bumps. One of the tuning keys( g string) is loose and could use a replacement. The frets seem to be ok.. it does have some fret buzz but its from where i have the action low. I would suggest a fret level and polish. I had this guitar recently at the local shop and had a recent set up and input jack replaced. I bought this to mainly to be a general use guitar.

    I'm asking $550 plus shipping. I will include a gibson style gig bag. Will ship in the US only.

    Any questions pm here. Not looking for trades unless its a ec-1000 or PRS se245 or possibly a pod hd pro

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