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Early 80s PEAVEY RAZER w/ vibrato & OHSC


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  • Early 80s PEAVEY RAZER w/ vibrato & OHSC

    This unique angular-shaped guitar was made by Peavey in the early 80s, part of their first series of new designs after the original "T" series. It has the blade humbuckers like were used on the T-60 and similar guitars, and the same coil-splitting tone controls. (When the tone control is turned all the way up, pickups are single coils; turning tone down slightly brings in the second coil for humbucking mode, and after that the tone control works as usual.)

    These don't come up for sale often, and you will almost never see one with all of the following: (1) the original form-fitted case; (2) the original, proper tremolo arm; (3) the original "P" logo control knobs; (4) the original pickups; and (5) un-hacked-up original electronics. After watching the market for a couple years, this was the only one I ever saw with all of those things. The first two are particularly rare together.

    This is a true collector's item, but it's also a fine player. It has some general wear from being played a lot, but no signs of abuse, and the frets are still in good shape.

    All this can be yours for a mere $350 shipped within the 48 contiguous United States. Any questions? Don't hesitate to ask!

    My band: www.dec8de.com

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    Do you still have this guitar for sale? I can't find any others! Planning to get my first Electric in the next few months and thought this would be a cool way to start it off, considering it's relatively cheap, although I still won't be able to afford it for a few months.

    Does it play well? How does it sound versus similarly priced guitars? I'm interested in Strats and Jaguars, how well does it sound compared to those?


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      Bump for PRICE REDUCTION!
      My band: www.dec8de.com


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        It's a new year . . . how about a new guitar? (And by that, I mean, how about THIS guitar?)
        My band: www.dec8de.com


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