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selling beautiful greg bennett JZ4 LaSalle jazz hollow body electric for cheap

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  • selling beautiful greg bennett JZ4 LaSalle jazz hollow body electric for cheap

    first off here is how you contact me aside from posting on this thread.
    aim - persp3ctive
    msn -" rel="nofollow">
    email -
    pm me on the boards (the top 3 are much better ways to get in touch with me)

    im selling this guitar for $550, which is dirt cheap compared to what its worth and what it could be worth down the line some day. you will pay for what ever shipping turns out to be, ill ship it through who ever you want but what ever the price is, is up to you.

    here is a link to the harmony central reviews

    the majority of the people paid in the 650+ range. and there are a few people that claim to have paid as low as 500 for theirs, and either they are full of ****************, got it off someone desperately in need of cash (me), a pawn shop, or (the most likely) it was damaged in some way. one guy said he paid 400 (which is either complete bull**************** or he got the best deal of his life) for his, he also claims that the top is made out of plywood, where on the site it clearly states the top is made of spruce.

    REGARDLESS i paid 750 for this one (and i can get the reciept to prove it) i also bought a little crate acoustic amp, i think its like 30 watts or something, ill throw it in for like 110 bucks if you want it, it sounds fantastic but im sure who ever is buying this already has something else in mind for it, but if not, the 110 bucks price is a steal anyways.

    well have no fear this guitar is NOT damaged, and it plays and functions PERFECT. the case has a little wear but, its a case... thats what its there for! its nothing serious though.

    anyways this thing has a rich-warm absolutely gorgeous sound to it. it is in FLAWLESS shape. i have treated this thing good as hell and have never gigged it since ive had it (i got it used). it comes with a fantastic case as well.

    if you want more pics, or have questions, simply message me i will be glad to assist you.

    also i can take better pictures now i have a much nicer camera, please just ask.

    so buy this thing off of me, i need some money as i just moved and would like to get myself some financial freedom. at the very least, throw down an offer.

    return policy:
    if somehow its malfunctional when you get it (which its not going to be but just so you are covered) then you will be issued a full refund once you have sent the instrument back to me.

    here are some specs from the site about the guitar

    The LaSALLE

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