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2003 Les Paul Studio w Dimarzio 36th Anniversary pickups


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  • 2003 Les Paul Studio w Dimarzio 36th Anniversary pickups

    OK, I had a weak moment and thought I really needed yet another Les Paul for some reason. But I really don't - this is just too darn close to what I already have, so it's trading time again.

    This is a really nice 2003 Les Paul Studio with some very well done upgrades and a black Gibson 'gator' HSC. Not an anchor like some Studios can sometimes be - 8.8 lbs

    What was added:

    Dimarzio 36 Anniversary humbuckers
    RS caps
    All pots replaced - the volume controls are push-pulls that split the humbuckers - the 36th set performs very well with this mod

    (the original pots/caps are also included, though I cant imagine why you'd want to switch them back)

    Some honest playwear on this one - some minor rash on the back, a couple small edge dings and a 'dink near the upper strap button (photo make it look worse than it actually is - not a hole!). The previous owner has generously let me use his photos for now (very high quality) - I can take my own closeups of anything additional you'd like to see:


    Really looking for trades on this one, with a few specific things in mind. Cash can go either way - I can add some, or you can as well. My partial list:

    At the top - P90's, P90's, P90's - did I mention P-90's? SG Classic, maybe a 50's Tribute or Jr. Also - I love all things Japanese - Edwards/Tokai's can work too.

    I'm a PRS junkie - already have a McCarty and CE-22, but always looking for more. A Starla (with cash from me) would just about be ideal.

    Somewhat less likely, but possible - regular SG Standard.

    Longshots, but still could be interested - quality semi-hollow, and maybe a Charvel So-Cal (how's THAT for a contrast)

    LP Studio

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    Still here!


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      What's your bottom line sale price?

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    Got a minty SG Classic I might be looking to unload. Shoot me a PM if interested and I'll get some pics for you.

    Stellar deals with: I-like2play, heady dude, Rothlover, stashman, GuitarAl96, rridner, gh0st, jimtalkbox, downer01, missingastring, Jon Hiller, Metalman X, tdepaul1313, Woody_in_MN, sameoldbluesman, Lonnie99, metalhead666666, Naterel, O'Rourke, buckethead99, tvvoodoo, colejustesen, vidiot72, stonem66, xjordanx (x2), Shask