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FS: Presonus accoustic-Q tube preamp


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  • FS: Presonus accoustic-Q tube preamp

    Presonus accoustic-Q tube preamp and parametric EQ. $140.00 plus actual shipping charges.
    works perfectly. cosmetic about 9.5/10 comes with ac adapter. awesome preamp for piezo pickups and accoustic guitar pickups. can take the quack out of
    piezo pickups.
    $300.00 new. these are getting harder to find.

    Selling because i also have to sell my beloved Godin Flat 5 X. Keeping my multiac and i have a TC electronic preamp that i use with it.

    ================================================== =================================
    Update---Please read
    All pictures are of the items im selling
    i dont have any reviews or feedback on here, but all my gear i have either had for years, or got on that big auction site everybody loves to hate, (with over 250 positive feedbacks including seller) or from a big online retailer of used gear. im not out to rip anybody off, so the general impression that if there are no transaction on here, its a warning sign, not always true. i can prove who i am to any extent necessary, prove my mdeical condition for validity if anybody needs that much information, and absolutely have to sell this stuff to finish paying for my motorhome. im selling good quality gear for reasonable prices. have packed and shipped hundreds of items through the years and never had anything damaged ever.
    I have 2 weeks to have everything sold and be moved out of wher i live now and moved into my motorhome. Im in a pretty desparate, legitimate pickle.

    I have to sell off most of my gear for health reasons. terminal lymphatic cancer.
    i live about 100 miles from treatment location, and cant find a place that will let me keep my dog. so moving into a motorhome. not much space, so everything
    except for a small rack is up for sale. i will consider reasonable offers but please no lowballers. all gear is first come first served. i will take paypal and postal money orders. I'll clearly list any defects, problems or known issues.

    if you have any questions feel free to contact me. will give ph# to serious buyers.