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  • GIBSON FALCON GA19RVT (Reverb)-Tweed

    I recently bought this amp on Ebay. It's a great amp with great classic tone but I need to sell it; it's way too loud for me. I've got it at a bit past 'two' and I'm blowing my wife and kids out of the house, or so they tell me.

    I'm strictly a bedroom player and I've been banished to the basement by the wife (not good). I don't know what I was thinking but this is a very loud 19 watts. I know that for some of you that's a good thing; for me it's not. 1960's Class A Gibson Falcon GA19RVT Amp, serial number 485988. Clean warm tones. Turn up the volume and the sound warms up. This amp is a tone monster. Amp weighs 25 lbs. so it won't break your back. Check out the Harmony Central reviews (

    Control panel includes two inputs, a monitor out (which is not very clean, speaker sounds nice when miked) Volume, Tone, Reverb and Tremolo (Freq. and Depth). A new Jensen speaker is in place and the original foot pedal is included. There are 4 tubes; 6V6(2), 6EU7(3), 5Y3(1) and 6C4(1). There are additional NOS tubes included; 2-6V6 for the power amp, and 3-5Y3 for the tremolo. The amp has been recovered with vintage tweed, giving it a vintage look. Besides the recover, repairs done include replacing the Reverb transformer with a new Mercury Magnetics Transformer and general maintenance to include re-soldering all connections.

    All work was done professionally and the amp is working great no issues, but since this amp is over 40 years old, it will be sold as is. The pictures are from the Ebay auction, Item #: 270198595021. Ask me any questions.

    These Falcons are great amps and they weren't built in great quantities.
    If you're looking for classic tone, this is it at a 1/3 of the price of a Fender Princeton Reverb (especially if you're not a label snob).


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    Did you sell this amp? Where are you located? I can't tell what Jensen speaker is in there. Thanks.


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      Hi I'm interested in purchasing the Falcon. If you still have it, I would like more details about the amp and how I can contact you if it works out. Thanks.