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Schecter C-1 Hellraiser Anniversary - RARE - WTTF Amp Head


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  • Schecter C-1 Hellraiser Anniversary - RARE - WTTF Amp Head

    Only selling because I got this in on some deals, and I have a C-1 ATX that has sentimental value to it, and I can't justify having two of pretty much the same guitar.

    Guitar is a rare model, only made one year, and this is one of two I've ever seen.
    It is basically the same guitar as a C-1 ATX, but has a rosewood board with cross inlays, EMGs with chrome covers, and chrome hardware.
    Also has locking tuners and a Graph Tech nut.
    Guitar plays and sounds absolutely great, you're welcome to come try it out.

    I've had my hands on a number of Schecters, and this is one of the best ones I've put my hands on. This is NOT a low end model, this is the highest model Schecter makes in their Diamond Series.
    Jump on the chance of owning an incredibly rare guitar.

    Asking price is $375 Shipped OBO, but I'm flexible. Only trade is for an amp head. A Peavey VTM, Ultra Plus, JCA100H or 50H, or whatever else you got.

    Guitar will ship in a padded gig bag and be packed to survive hiroshima.

    You can also reach me through my email, which I'm checking every waking hour:
    Let me know if you're from HC if you decide to email rather than post in the thread or PM me.

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