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  • Check Out This Custom Blues Junior III Texas Western

    It's new, plastic on the plates, tags, briefly plugged in for about 5 minutes to test the brand new Eminence Texas Heat speaker. Brand new set of JJ preamp tubes. This amp comes adorned with beautiful western tolex. Together with the speaker, tubes and the tolex, this is one of the most awesome Texas sizzlers around. The greatest thing about it is that everything is new. You can't find these any more, and if you do find them new, they're going to cost you around $600.

    Unfortunately, as much as I sacrificed to get this, I'm in need of a badass cab for my new Hughes and Kettner Duotone head. I know I won't be able to find one of these again, but I've wanted a Duotone for years.

    I'm asking [COLOR="Orange"]only $425 + shipping. If you prefer the stock Eminence Lightning speaker and stock tubes, that's not a problem because I've kept everything in tact and as new. If you want it stock - AND - with the Texas Heat shipped in the factory box - AND/OR - JJ's, I'll cut you a great deal.

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