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ZT "The Club" 200 Watts 1x12 brand new $500

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  • ZT "The Club" 200 Watts 1x12 brand new $500

    Howdy y'all,

    I recently purchased a ZT "The Club" model amp to run some acoustic instruments thorugh with live FX, including but not limited to saxophone. I researched it a whole lot, and although ZT's site claims they've had success running these types of instruments through their amps, I didn't realize how much I'd miss the higher frequency spectrum that a HF Tweeter (found in a keyboard amp or a PA speaker) offers for acoustic instruments. Believe me, it gets plenty loud for my horn and the FX and sounds good, but the sound is very midrangey *on saxophone*. However, I have a friend who is a fantastic guitarist and when we tried it with his axe, it sounded amazing on guitar! I also tried it on my keyboard and thought it sounded great. I was blown away with the guitar sound.

    I got a great deal on it, have only used it a few times in testing for the 6 days I've had in in my possession, never even turned it up that loud, and have all the original packaging to sell it with including power cable. The amp is in brand new mint condition. It turns out it's going to cost me a total of almost a hundred bucks to return it to where I got it from because of nonrefundable shipping and bank fees, so I thought I would offer it for what I paid for it here before resorting to that option.

    I know this is my first post here, but my username on Ebay is Birdlivess1955, and it's also Birdlives1955 at www.saxontheweb.net where I've done a lot of saxophone equipment trading over the years, so you can see I've got a flawless track record at those places. 

    My price for the amp is $500 shipped within the continental US. It's going to cost me almost $40 to ship it from area code 07508 in NJ, so I'm still giving you a pretty killer deal. Also available for local pickup in the NYC metro area. I'd much prefer money order, but if you have to/really want to use Paypal, you're responsible for the extra fees associated with that method of payment.

    I'll include my contact information below. Thanks,


    Matt Marantz



    You can also call 214-499-5706

    Shipping from New Jersey

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    I have added a picture: download.jpeg 

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