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late '60s Drip Edge SF Bassman head


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  • late '60s Drip Edge SF Bassman head

    This amp is either a '67 or '68 "Drip Edge" silverface Fender Bassman head in excellent working condition. It has been extensively serviced by a premiere New York amp guru Chris Davis (Peter Frampton, Marshall Crenshaw and, uh, me). Chris restored the Normal Channel to Blackface specs (as an early drip edge Silverface, it was already a Blackface circuit).

    With my permission, Chris decided to have a little fun with the Bass Channel, doing a 5e3 tweed circuit mod on it and adding a useful midrange control. (You can see the Mid knob below has been installed in place of the #2 input on the Bass side. The "Normal" blackface side performs exactly as you'd expect. The modded "tweed" bass channel is something else entirely now, an incredibly gutsy, gutty sound. The more mids you blend in, the more primal and dirty it gets. So while it is only half "stock," it is also essentially two amps in one. I no longer have Chris' invoice with the specs of the mod, but I am sure I can re-acquire it on request.

    Right now, this amp is in excellent, fresh working shape--recently serviced top to bottom and rarely used as my Gries 35 and PRRI have been handling all my gigging needs.

    I am asking $525 for local pickup. The amp is 90 miles north of NYC. Will do some travel to meet buyers.

    I also have a sweet 1x12 Swanson open back cab for sale, vox-style. It is is currently loaded with a Weber 12F150, 8-ohm. $150.

    I either need to sell the amp and cab together or the amp first, 'cause as long as I still have the amp, I need the cab...

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        Hey, I' about 2 hours south of NYC, but very much interested in the head. Do you have any audio clips? Would be willing to travel a little if need be. I don't need the specs of the mod (frankly, I'm not inclined enough to know the technical workings); however, I'm curious as to what you could compare that 5E3 circuit to. I'm guessing the normal channel is more like the AA864 now? Let me know if there's anything we can maybe work out!