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FS 2010 Splawn Nitro w/KT88's $1350 shipped


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  • FS 2010 Splawn Nitro w/KT88's $1350 shipped

    I have for your consideration my 2010 Splawn Nitro. It is in excellent condition with just a few very minor tolex mishaps. This head was originally an el34 version but it was converted professionallty over to KT88's. I shipped it off to Scott Splawn and had him go over the entire amp to make sure that everything was done to his specifications. I had 4 new power tubes and 4 new preamp tubes installed and had it biased as well. I just got this back this past week and it is ready to go. I bought a Splawn Pro Stock while this one was away and I have grown rather fond of it so I am letting the Nitro go. It comes with a power cord and the factory footswitch.

    • 100 watts- w/ half power switch
    • Channel 1 (clean) - independent EQ and gain controls
    • Channel 2 (overdrive)- resonance control, solo boost, OD1 (rhythm) /OD2 (lead) mode
    • 3 Button Footswitch- #1 Clean/Overdrive - #2 OD1/OD2 - #3 Solo Boost
    • Series Effects Loop - w/ true-bypass and adjustable +4db/-10db switch
      Loop Volume Control for low volume playing.
    • Impedance Selector - 4/8/16 ohms
    • Main Voltage Selector - 120, 220, 230V

    $1350 shipped/PayPal in CONUS

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    bump for a price drop....$1350 shipped in CONUS