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  • Basix drums

    I did a search on the forum for Basix but the only threads that came up were several years old. Anyone have any experience with these drums recently? Buy some? Play some? See some? Any opinions/input on whether they are good for the $ or sound good? I checked their web site and they're birch shells, have isolation mounts, are lacquered, and come with 800 series hardware, etc. Made in China but then, what isn't.

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    They seem O.K., however those aren't isolation mounts. They look like a copy of Yamaha's old mounting system (on the "custom" series). In fact, all of the other drums don't have any form of isolation mounting.


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      So, what they're calling Suspended Isolation Mounts for the toms are not really isolation mounts. It's just a copy of an old Yamaha system. Sounds like deceptive advertising to me. Thanks for the info.