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How do you measure drum sizes for a drum set?


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  • How do you measure drum sizes for a drum set?

    I have a drum set I am planning on selling but I am not sure how to list the sizes. Is it diameter across the face of the drum or the depth of the drum that is the "size"?
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    Diameter across the face (or, the head size) is the key information. How that is listed is dependant upon your location; so I have come to understand.

    I can be corrected on this, but I *think* in the U.S. depth is listed before diameter and in the U.K. the opposite is true.

    Mostly, if you're listing on craiglist or something, you won't need to include depth, but you may need to have those numbers if someone asks.


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      Most people list the head size and what type of drums they are for example:
      12, 13, 16 inch rock shell pack with 22 inch bass drum.
      10, 12, 14 inch fusion shell pack with 20 inch bass drum.
      10, 14 inch jazz shell pack with 18 inch bass drum.
      10, 12, 16, 18 hyperdrive shell pack with two 22 inch bass drums
      13, 16, 18 bonham style shell pack with 26 inch bass drum

      Given those descriptions, and a photo, most people that would care about such things would know approximate depths. And the people that don't care about depth only care about head size and shell style.
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        Don't forget that the diameter is measured across the bare shell and the depth is top to botom, bearing edge to bearing edge, again of the bare shell. Do NOT include the rim/hoop in the measurements.