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  • Technical Drum Tuning

    These sites cover the technical aspects of drums, how they work, resonance, muffling, and most of all drum tuning. Gretsch Drums for example tune their drums using an oscilloscope. I hope that this information will help the new as well as the pros understand more about drum tuning.

    1. The Science


    2. The Tuning Guide


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    Thanks? I don't know where to put this.


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      Ok, I gave up on the "science" part after:

      "Overtones of the fundamental note travels over the same exact physical path, but make multiple round trips creating overtones that are multiples or "harmonics" of the base note at 2x, 3x or higher frequencies. These are the same musical note, just located in a higher octave."

      The harmonic series, as I'll bet most of you know, is not a series of octaves. When you multiply the fundamental frequency by consecutive integers you get quite a variety of notes, not "the same musical note just located in a higher octave."

      Science--it's what's for breakfast.
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