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  • Inspecting your equipment

    My wife and I are moving to a new apartment, which means I recently needed to pack up my drums. As I was putting the snare in a bag, I noticed a little rust spot on one of the tension rods. It isn't anything major, but I had never seen it before. Then it dawned on me that I should probably inspect my equipment regularly: give everything a quick inspection everytime I pack it up for something. (This doesn't happen too often, so maybe I should do a periodic inspection anyways).


    Does anybody do this? How often?

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    Normally I do this when I replace heads on the drums.

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      I really don't do this often enough. I normally give everything a once-over when I change up heads, and that's like every other year or so. Maybe less!

      My hardware, especially bass drum pedal, probably sees the most TLC since I use it at every gig and have taken to greasing the bearings and springs for smooth control.

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    I generally give my stuff a once over at least twice a year, or more often when I change heads.

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