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NI X1+Z1 vs. NI S2.


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  • NI X1+Z1 vs. NI S2.

    Guitar player right here.

    I recently borrowed with a friends Native Instruments S2 and really enjoyed playing around with it. I never

    DJ'd before and I don't wanna do it on a serious level, I just want something to play around with and maybe

    play on private partys or for friends. What I really enjoyed was the simplicity of the S2. I figured out most of 

    the basic stuff within 15min. Only thing thats a little bummer for me is the size. So i found out about the X1 

    and Z1 and to me it seems like ( correct me if i'm wrong please ) it's basically the same as the S2 with 

    maybe less features ( like these "turntable-like scratch stuff ). I will mostly play with my macbook but 

    with my iPad too. Would the X1/Z1 combination (although it's not really cheaper) be a good alternative

    for someone like me? Or is there maybe even something else that i don't know about? Like I said, i just

    want to do it for fun. 

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