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  • How To Promote Yourself

    Hey guys I already do some Social Media like youtube, facebook & soundcloud to promote myself and my music.


    I have some free time in my day and I would like to allocate some more time to promote myself but am stuck.


    How do you guys promote yourself?

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    Soundcloud is great because it's super easy and completely free. I'd definitely recomend it. The problem is that, seeing as it's mainly used by musicians, people dont tend to just stumble over your stuff there. You have to put links out there for people to find it.

    Youtube is also cheap and easy, and very accessible to everyone. If you can make good videos, you definitely should.

    I think the key is linking them all together. Make sure you post your songs and videos on your facebook. Put links to your soundcloud in your youtube video descriptions. Maybe even get a website to hold them all together, and set up an email list to inform people of your stuff.

    Other than that, get out and gig. That's probably the best, and most direct way to get people to notice you. Do some open mic nights and shows. See where that gets you.