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drum machine vs mpc for live use

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  • drum machine vs mpc for live use

    hey just wondering which would be more ideal for my situation. i'm looking to get something that can emulate drums while i play live. i need something that can do more then repeat just a couple patterns, i want to be able to fully program drums for an entire song and be able to play it live while i play guitar etc. are there any drum machines that do this or do i have to go the mpc route?

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      up for this post.. i need this too.. i really need a drum machine so that i can push trough with my how to play the drums lesson..


      • davisjam
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        Just ask a friend to play the drums! =)

      • JohnMurati
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        I Would Personally get an MPC, the reason being that I've seen Djs use it before.

      • ih8microsoft
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        It's hard to beat a great live drummer... especially when they can cover your ass when you make a mistake.  Having said that, if you are pretty good and can play along with a robot, you might want to also consider a groovebox like the MC-505 or an MC-909. 

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      I like the idea of using the mpc easy are they to program on the fly.