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Yamaha SY35 synth wanted


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  • Yamaha SY35 synth wanted

    Looking to buy a Yamaha SY35 for $75-$125 including shipping. It does not have to be in great cosmetic condition, but should be fully functional with no broken keys. I live in the Chicagoland area, local offers preferred. I don't always have money to spare, act now.


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    I am contacting you regarding your wanted advert, are you still
    interested in buying the item ? .. I still have it in good working
    condition and in perfect order. Good price is accepted, if you are
    interested in buying from me. Let me know your price as well as your
    shipping contact address for shipping to your home. And i will get
    back to you with details ...Thanks and hope to hear from you soon.

    Best regards
    Fernando Rodriguez
    from Avd. ortega y gasset, 282 28005 malaga


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      Yes. However, your recent activity on harmony central seems suspicious. Within a few days of registering you have posted an exact copy of the message with which you replied to my thread, on several other gear wanted ads. Furthermore, the language you used was intentionally vague, and my post already mentioned my general location... which is good enough for a shipping estimate. These three elements raise red flags that tell me this could be a scam, and that it probably is.


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        So far I have heard from two people who have poor grammar/spelling, and who vaguely call what I am after an "item" instead of what it is. I think I may just have to wait until I see it on eBay. I get too much scammer vibe going on here.