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WTB Splawn Quick Rod


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  • WTB Splawn Quick Rod

    Looking for a first gen Splawn QR or Pro Stock! 2005 model before the gears preferable. Let me know if you have one and want to sell. Thanks

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    I am contacting you regarding your wanted advert, are you still
    interested in buying the item ? .. I still have it in good working
    condition and in perfect order. Good price is accepted, if you are
    interested in buying from me. Let me know your price as well as your
    shipping contact address for shipping to your home. And i will get
    back to you with details ...Thanks and hope to hear from you soon.

    Best regards
    Fernando Rodriguez
    from Avd. ortega y gasset, 282 28005 malaga


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      Seems legit.
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        I don't know... Fernando replied to my post with the same exact reply seen here- which just seems suspicious.


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          I ignored it. Has scam all over it!


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            I dont know if you're interested in a Street rod but I have one that I'm selling:





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              Wow, I've been away from these forums for so long I didn't realize they changed everything again...and someone jacked my old username!!


              Screen Shot 2013-02-10 at 12.36.21 AM.png

              I might wanna sell my Splawn since it doesn't get much use...

              Any interest in a super early 50 watt EL34 based Pro Mod with Mercury Magnetics transformers? Comes with footswitch to access 3 channels. 

              My tech added a couple of mustard caps, much more gain and a "tone" knob to add mojo at low volumes.

              What's your email? I'll send you a sample of what it sounds like

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                Might not be exactly what you're looking for, but I am selling an 07 quickrod 100w head if you are interested. Not first gen., still an awesome amp. I can send pics if you'd like. Let me know.




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                  I will have to wait on another Splawn for now. Picked up an older Soldano HR50 about a week ago. Thanks for all the replys, if the Soldano doesn't work out I will be back.