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  • Edwards Les Paul**DELETE


    Several Jacksons, ESP's, Charvels
    Gibson, Fender, Suhr & Ibanez
    BC rich, Agile
    Mesa Boogie MK IV /Wide body
    Mesa Boogie DC-5 /Wine Tolex
    Mesa Boogie 50/50
    Mesa Boogie 2/95
    2 Mesa 4X12 OS Rect Cabinet/Wine Tolex
    Bogner 4x12 Red Tolex
    Axe FX Ultra
    Axe Fx II
    Boss GT-10
    Line 6 Live XT
    Pa Gear
    Some studio gear

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    PM'd you.
    Electric Amps MVU-120, Electric Amps 6x12, Ampeg V4B, Emperor 2x12, Dunwich Amps (Matamp clone reverb), Edwards Les Paul, Bacchus Flying VBAT Pharoah, Saturn V, Aphelion, Diamond Compressor, Droptune, Chili Picoso, Boss BF-3,HarmonyMan, Goatkeeper, Echobox, Octa-switch, EB volumeGood Deals With: Senor Limpio, lordviper63, facefirst, The Riffer, xxxslayedxxx, DunwichAmps, Firebrand, paulderlunas


    • Jimmy Clark
      Jimmy Clark commented
      Editing a comment

      Got your pm...Killer Edwards! Looks like you have lots of $$$$$$$ invested.

      Well worth the money, but looking to customize an Edwards little by little.

      ....Just a bit out of my price range.