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  • Zeus Mini Amp 8401


    What I'm looking to buy is a Zeus Mini Amp Model 8401, most famous for being used as a practice amp by Randy Rhoads. I've been searching for years for one of these because I've always wanted to have a go at buildning the same practice set up that Randy had, however I haven't had much luck coming across one and I'm sure working ones are getting quite rare.

    I'm willing to pay well for one of these if anyone is willing to part with one or if anyone is able to help me locate one for sale, that would be most welcome!

    If this topic gets old and you're reading this (potentailly! Hopefully not) years down the track, please still e-mail me because I may still be looking for one!

    The best e-mail address to contact me on would be rhece6@hotmail.com

    Thanks for your time and I look forward to any responses!


    - Rhece