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    Take lessons from some of the most talented, experienced music instructors in the western suburbs of Chicago. Suburban Music is located in beautiful downtown Wheaton, IL. Since 1996, Suburban Music has been offering lessons on guitar, piano, and drums. With the addition of several new teachers over the years, we now offer private lessons on all classical strings, winds/brass, all styles of guitar (classical, rock, jazz, bass), percussion, drum kit, voice, banjo, accordion, ukulele, piano (classical, contemporary).
    30-minute lessons are available 6 days a week. We have 11 teachers on staff, with over 200 students each week in private lessons. Lessons cater to the abilities and desires of our students. Our teachers assign homework consisting of warm-ups, scales, chords, note-reading, music theory, songs, and ear-training.
    Students can schedule a regular lesson time for $23/lesson, once a week, or Drop-In lessons can be scheduled one-at-a-time for $25 each.
    Contact Paul at Suburban Music for more info, or to sign up for lessons.
    Check out our website:

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