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HCBF Rules & Guidelines, FAQ Summary => Read here first

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  • HCBF Rules & Guidelines, FAQ Summary => Read here first

    Mods get asked about once a week by newer members about various forum rules that aren't listed in the users' agreement. We're going to outline these here.
    Complaints and suggestions should still be sent to HC Admin, which can be done by using the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of the page.
    In case of conflict between members, mods will prevail. In case of conflict with mods, admin will prevail.

    1. Pornographic material and offensive photos

    No pornographic material is allowed to be displayed on the forum. This includes nude or semi-nude photos, file attachments or links to external websites. You can use the following as a guideline:

    • No exposed genitalia or pubic hair.
    • No bottomless pictures (this includes men or women in tiny thongs).
    • No exposed nipples on pictures of women.
    • Pics you wouldn't display in your living room shall not appear on the forum.
    2. Swearing in Titles

    This rule is obvious, and doesn't need explaining. In the past we allowed people to use * and other symbols but recently we noticed that some people aren't able to start a thread without using this method so from now on, NO swearing in thread titles will be tolerated, regardless of whether you use symbols or not.
    So what defines swearing ? Thanks to Burdizzos, we have a reasonable definition : "If it is a word that you wouldn't hear Bugs Bunny or Dora the Explorer say, then it shouldn't be in a thread title."

    3. Drug related threads - threads relating to criminal activity

    All threads that are created specifically about drug use will be deleted. The reason for this is to protect both HC and its users from getting into trouble with their respective local law authorities, jobs and relatives. The internet is NOT a secure means of communication, and it is possible for people's identities to be found using the internet. You should be aware that, for 99% of us, drug use is illegal in the countries we live in, and by admitting to said activities on a forum like this (and particularly if you also display photos of performing these activities!), you are confessing to committing a crime.

    4. Unwarranted harassment, flaming

    This is covered in the user's agreement. We do try to be fairly liberal about people's rights to argue about issues, but when these arguments degenerate into flame wars, they will be removed or edited.
    We understand that this rule is a bit subjective but it's supposed to preserve a well-minded spirit on the forum.

    Please read this reminder, which is the user's agreement that you agreed to when you became a member.
    You can notice that the moderators have the right to delete anything at all, without any requirement to explain their actions. Please remember, before you complain, that we rarely exercise that option, and that, if we do, it's usually for a good reason.
    Bashing or criticizing other music forums is a very sure way to get your thread removed. We don't encourage this kind of behavior.

    * Things mods can and can't do ! *

    - We can delete threads, and we can also move them to the Admin forum, for the HC Admin staff to deal with.

    - We can lock threads.

    - We can delete individual posts.

    - We can edit threads and individual posts, merge, move and split them if needed.

    - We can ban users, temporarily or permanently.

    - Most moderators have the authority to act in any forum, even if it's not the primary forum they moderate.

    5. Spam, professional members

    The strict rule here is 'no advertisements, no spam'.
    Members can use the Harmony Central classified pages or the Harmony Central classified forums to advertise for their stuff.
    Amateur members who contribute on a regular basis are allowed to advertise in their signature, providing they don't abuse that priveledge.
    Professionals might post a link to their own music site, too (luthiers, teachers, ...). They must clearly identify themselves in their signature.
    Retailers and reps are NOT allowed to advertise under any circumstances but can provide info about their products.
    Be honest. Swindling of a member through the forum will result in instant banning, regardless of the shape it takes.
    Also, rest assured that everything will then be done to spread the word about your behaviors.

    6. Links, pics, music files, videos

    Posting copyrighted music or video on the board is a no-no, unless you're the owner of said rights.
    Hot linking to other sites without their prior permission is discouraged, unless their policy allows it.
    Avoid linking to muddy sites with possible illegal/pornographic material and links.

    Remember that even if you've got a splendid broad band connection, it's not the case for everyone on the board.
    Use memory savvy formats : .jpg and .mp3 should be prefered to .bmp and .wav for example.
    Pics bigger than 800x600 usually aren't necessary and perturb the framing of the forum.
    If, for some reason, you want to show a bigger pic, link to it instead of displaying said pic.

    If you don't own the necessary tools for such duties, you can use these :
    IrfanView will resize and convert any picture format.
    Lame is a nifty .wav to .mp3 converter.
    Both are free of use for individuals.
    YouTube hosts videos just fine and you can now show them directly in your messages. will let you easily upload files if you don't own a ftp space.

    Further to this, we will add any other rules that may have missed as they appear.

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    Here is a summary of all threads from the FAQ, classified by themes.
    If you wish to add something to the FAQ, just start a thread in the forum with [FAQ] in the title. When everything is done and said, we will move your thread to the FAQ.

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