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G&L SB-2 Electronics Issues

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  • G&L SB-2 Electronics Issues

    I was wondering if this is an electronic problem I may have to take for repair. When I have high gain or distortion applied to my G&L SB-2 bass there is a hissing or fizzing sound when not playing or playing. I noticed when I place my hand around either of the volume knobs it is quiet or pull the cord on the input jack in a slanted direction it is quiet. I tried my ESP LTD TA-600 bass and do not have these issues of a hiss.

    Also I do not know if this caused by  G&L Magnetic Field split coil and G&L Magnetic Field single coil pickups, since my other bass with the EMG pickups is quiet.

    I do not want to be a fool and take my bass for an electronic repair if this is how it is supposed to sound.


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    Does it go away when you touch the strings? If so, the instrument is grounded into the bridge and it is normal.