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Early 80's Fender MIJ Jazz Bass. .


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  • Early 80's Fender MIJ Jazz Bass. .

    Anybody know what an early 80's Fender Japanese Jazz Bass is worth? Its in 8/10 condition. Serial number starts E968 I cant remember the rest.  .maybe -542. I saw it in a Pawn shop for $399. I know this is a good deal, but I dont know how good. Thanks.

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    Does it have all the original parts? And a case?
    How worn down are the frets?
    Did you plug it in and make sure it works?

    If the answers are: yes, yes, not much and yes then I'd say $350 to $399 is a very good price.


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      Pretty sure its mostly original. The pickgaurd may not be. Its black pearloid. I know it comes with some sort of case but I dont know if its the original or not. DId these come with hard cases? Not only does it work but it sounds and plays really nice. I didn't go over it really closely but I remember the frets looked pretty fresh. I could probably get it for $350 tops, possibly as low as $300 if i had cash. Only downside is it seemed kinda heavy. Maybe just because my last bass was an Ibanez. Im a guitar player whos caught the bass bug. . again. Ive had several basses before, but I always sell em for some reason. This could be the one I keep.