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Anyone here played cello?


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  • Anyone here played cello?

    I've long considered taking up cello and given my spare money and time, I think now would be a good time to take it up.

    Just wondering if anyone here has any experience with the cello and what things I should know before starting to play.
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    I played a little bit of cello in college.

    How much experience do you have playing fretless bass and/or bowing an upright?

    Controlling a cello bow is easier than an upright because it's so much lighter.

    Ear training from fretless will translate directly into cello intonation. 

    Being tuned to 5ths instead of 4ths is the biggest difference from bass. But it isn't that hard to adjust to the different interval. If you have an extra bass laying around you could put together a set of 5ths strings for it to see how you like it.

    Other than that, it's just another hunk of wood with some strings on it. Get a professional setup and go for it.


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      I've got a fretless bass, and find it decently easy to play. I've also got a minute amount of bowing experience from jazz band.