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Sound Quality

when a/b with my CAE/Bradshaw it does suck some tone but not bad. You loose the trasparent and high. This unit is very quite which I was to my surprise not ever using one. No pops when switch pedals and the buffer curcit is not bad at all. I ran a 30 foot cable from a cry baby to the GCX and to guitar and didn't loose any tone. My client had a GC-pro and we both didn't like it for pro- road work. we are going with CAE/bradshaw RS-10. The controllers I would recomend are: RS-10, Rocktron all axess, Axcess electronic FX1. These are way more reliable. Over all the Sound quialy is very good for a production switcher.


I don't see anything that would go wrong. The loops jacks are tight, midi jacks are tight, pwr supply jack is tight. The only thing that might happen is the LED might burn out with time. I would gig without a backup.

General Comments

My Client plays all styles and does mostly heavy road work! The GCX is not as transparent as an Axcess Electroincs or CAE/Bradsahw gear but for a production switcher is very good. I would recomend it again !

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