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Sound Quality

I use it with a telecaster, a pedal board consisting of Morley wah/volume, boss OS2 and danelectro cool cat. The sound is beautiful, with single coils is really vintage sounding and easily blows away fender hot rodded tube amps. the tremolo is sooo cool, very noticeable and easy to control through the footswitch. This is a very potent amp, in spite it´s 30 watt, it will give you enough power at a club level without microphone it or an external speaker. The clean channel gets a little crancked at high volumes but nothing that grave. The crunch channel is nice, decent amount of distortion for blues and classic rock, and a little more heavier but not really heavy metal.I do not recommend the metal setting included in the manual if you are using dirt boxes ´cos it´ll make them sound terrible and awfully treble. My favourite setting is reverb at 4, bass at 12, middle at 7 and treble ate 5 i the clean channel using the pedals. this amp is so great, beautiful sound, nice features and it does not need rebiasing when replacing tubes, so it makes you easier many of the tube amps burdens.


The amp is a Peavey, they are reliable and well built.

General Comments

Well, definitely I would buy it again because I am so in love with this amp, it has a nice look, nice features and the sound from this device is excellent, it can definitely be at the same grade of many fender tube amps, vintage series from crate, it sounds similar to the vox AC30, and it is more realiable than this expensive Brittish amp.

For the money paid for it an excellent value.

I play alternative, punk, classic rock, dream pop, grunge fusions and hard rock, this amp suits perfectly my music style.

Precious amp, a jewel!

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