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Sound Quality

The distortion is BRUTAL! Way more gain than a 5150 no 10 (i use mine with gain on 1...). I can get the Dual Recto Sound easily and sounds even better than the original (i should know because i have the 5150 ehad and the Dual Recto head as well). The clean sound sounds like Heaven! Remember the classic the greatness of the clean sounds in the Diezel heads? Well, this is 4 x times better! Believe me.


Very reliable. I have mine for nearly 3 hours and it never broke up. Extensive usage nad it still sounds great!

General Comments

I got mine for $2000 wich i think is a steal. The guy in the store said that they usually go for $3500 (he is a friend of mine). This is definitely the best pre-amp out there. It has a great feature (that some pre's don't have) that let's you turn it on, plug a guitar and it will give you good sound. Well, the best part is that you can CHANGE that sound! You have a myriad of functions (like adjusting the Bass, Middle, very esoteric parameters) at your disposal. It's the "classic", best pre-amp ever made.

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