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Sound Quality

I use an american standard fender stratocaster ´96 and a Fender M-80 amp which souds great but needs more distortion and sustain at the volume I use it. The night I started using it I wanted to kill myself cause I couldn´t get a good sound, but when I got it, God!!! It sounds perfect and hardly distorted your amp and guitar sound. Maybe is not the effect to use in a tube amp but... My settings for an Yngwie sound are volume at 1 o clock, tone at maximum and gain at 12 o clock. Ok, I´m not using so much distortion from the pedal but I use the drive channel of the amp whit gain on 9 1/2 contour on 3 and presence ond 5. This setting gives me sustain, warm, not so much noise and a bit more distortion. You just have to spend at least an hour and you ll find your sound unless you like Limp Bizkit or that kind of shit (I just can´t say that´s music).


I depend on it, so I hope you all lie about batteries.

General Comments

I´ve been playing for 4 years and I also have a BOSS Metal zone 2, but I never use it because it transform completly the sound. Really I wanted to buy a DOD 250 pream/overdrive (like malmsteen) but I couldn´t find it so... But taking account my equipment (dont have a tube amp) I think it´s better to have a tube effect.

The only thing I can say against it, is the tone. From the 12 o clock to the left it doesn´t sound good.

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