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Sound Quality

Great Clean Sound, i use an Ibanez JS100 guitar and a Peavey Classic 2*12 Amplifier , the best sounds come from the distortion and chorus effects wich sound really great and the delay and wha sound pretty decent , i play Van Halen Music, Metallica, Ozzy, Eric Clapton, Santana ,Pink Floyd, mostly Rock and Blues and this processor its just perfect for that.


The metal case seems to be just right for any king of gig.

General Comments

I would really recomend this for someone who is trying to use it for live performing specially if you play classic Rock, Hard Rock or Metal type of Music , Dont expect to get a lot of weird sound out of it. Compared with RP2000 and GT-5 the sound quality is 100% better on this product and a lot much easier to use and edit. If you want to get a lot of great sounds for a reasonable price this is the gear for you.

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