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Sound Quality

It's very liquid and clean. Lots of range on the speed, and sounds great clean or BEHIND a distortion/overdrive.


I always liked DOD metal box pedals. Heavy and flatter than Boss. I've never broken a switch on one, but I'm not coming down with the heel of my boot, either. As they get older, the pots can get crackly(due more to NON-use) and the jacks get loose and the battery connection leads get pulled out and somehow people seem to always lose the covers. I never have, but I've bought used ones with covers missing. No matter, I use wall warts anyway. Don't step on the jacks when they are plugged in.

General Comments

I like this pedal because of it's versatility and unique sound compared to other flangers. Even so, now that I've fixed my old analog DOD Flanger 670, the FX747 has become a great compliment to that. Having both means less knob tweaking. I usually set the FX747 for a faster speed, and use the analog one for a slower, wider and noisier flange.

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