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Sound Quality

There´s two things you should know about the sound quality of this pedal. First, IT´s NOISY!! When you turn the distortion knob over 1/4 it doesn´t affect the sound at all... The other thing is that you can pretty much get one decent thick sound with it, that´s all. I using a marschall 50w amp and ever since I bought this pedal I havewn´t used it once, since I´ve used the boss metal zone(great pedal btw.).


It´s pretty solid, I guess it could hold up against a decent spanking. Only thing i´ve broke on it is the cover that keeps the battery from falling out, but that really doesnt matter that much..

General Comments

The minute I got home and tried it, I felt so screwed. I really can´t remember how much I paid for this but it sure as hell wasn´t worth it. If it got stolen I would probably pay the guy that took it. There´s one sound I like on it, but I can´t really use that either because it´s too thick. I play mostly korn, system of a down, deftones kind of music.. I recommend not buying this but the metal zone instead.

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